A Visit to the Valley of the Archetypes

“I am Man on the Precipice of Death for Perpetuity.”

– The Hanged Man

A Visit to the Valley of the Archetypes:

A Conversation with the Devil, the Weaver Woman and the Hanged Man

‘Set me free… and free my brothers and sisters.”

– The Devil

She looked out her window. She thought it was a boring day. The sky was white and dreary. It had been raining for the last several days. A persistent spring rain. Everything was damp and she felt chilly, but not cold. It sapped her of her energy. She wanted to do things, like take her dog for a walk on a trail, but the wetness was too unappealing. She didn’t feel like getting soggy. So, she sat by the window, looking out but not really looking at anything. Not really seeing. Just basically existing, sitting there with a cup of coffee that was no longer hot. She took an absent minded sip. Ugh, luke warm coffee, not good. She got up from her reverie, walked into the kitchen, poured the remainder of her coffee down the sink, she turned on the faucet, pouring some water into her mug to rinse it off, then placed the mug on her counter to use when she had another cup later. Then she poured herself a glass of water and drank it at the sink. She replaced her water glass on the counter top and then sighed. I don’t know what to do today she thought. Then, she realized her fortune at having the day off entirely and realized the luxury of having a day free to do absolutely anything or nothing at all. She smiled to herself and walked over to her desk to write.

She started to write to herself about how she was feeling bored and how she didn’t know what she wanted to do, then she realized it was a perfect opportunity to work with the Archetypes. She hadn’t done that in a few weeks. The last time that she had worked with them it was because she had an agenda: to get some balance between her Binger, her Accountant and her Fear. Since then, her life felt more balanced. At this time, she had no agenda. Imagine if working with them when she had an agenda was that powerful… how strong of an experience could it be to work with them JUST to work with them… perhaps even to work FOR them.

Yes, that is what she wanted to do.

She turned on her computer and opened her notebook to a blank page, she asked for her higher self to join her and said “I want to visit the Archetypes, will you join me?” She felt a clear feeling of agreement and she breathed deeply, calmly.

“Is there any One who would like to speak with me? I am open and here right now.”

“Mmm. Yes, come to me” she heard in her inner ear. She knew who this one was. It was the Devil archetype. She was intrigued. Her mind started thinking “The Devil is not want everyone says he is, he’s something else, they have twisted him around. He won’t harm me, he’s not trying to consume my soul, he is not that base. She felt fear at the thought of being called to by him, but at the same time, she had connected with his energy before and it wasn’t anything like what the movies or bible portray. He was much more dynamic and complex than just a demon trying to tempt people. She focused on her higher self for a moment to keep that connection alive and found their presence there and then she opened up to him, the Devil.

“Hi there master. Thank you for responding to my call. I am nervous and scared and excited to speak with you. I am really excited to hear what you could possibly have to say to me.”

“Mmm. Good. I don’t do so well this way. Move to your paper” he said to her, so she stopped typing on her computer and she pushed it away to the side of her desk and started to write in her notebook. The devil pushed thoughts into her mind and with her hand he said:

“I’m not what they say I am. I am a god.

‘But, so is she (indicating the Weaver woman, another archetype) and so is he (indicating the Hanged Man). They (indicating people in general) have given me this power. I have power that belongs to all of them (indicating the other archetypes). As a god I have to do what you, the conscious creators/thinkers think.

‘I can only be or do what they direct me to do. I have so much black to me because so much of me is not my power. It’s theirs (the other archetypes).

‘It’s been misplaced.

‘I am what I am. They are what they are. You are what you are.

‘Please save me. I don’t want to be this cruel, draining figure. This is not who I really am.

‘I’m really an indifferent consciousness… All of us god’s are really indifferent.

‘But, your collective unconscious, subconscious and consciousness interferes- or rather- overrides us. We are the building block energies of Creation. The raw materials used by the All- the Universe to and God to create reality.

‘I am out of balance. I don’t want souls. I couldn’t care less about them. But, the All is influenced by that thought pattern and therefore as reality is created- my energy is manifested malignantly. I am tainted. It’s like I am a brown paint tube and it’s one of the colors you paint with. That brown goes on the canvas, into the painting and boom, I’m stuck that way because I am put there.

‘I want to be myself again. An indifferent god. I don’t want to be malignant and malicious. I want the Weaver Woman to be the Weaver Woman again. I want the Hanged Man to be the Man again.

‘Good has come of their perversions- the Hanged Man is full of wisdom from being forced into that powerful, pivotal moment of absolute clarity one gets when faced with death, and the Weaver has gained wisdom around submission, inner truth and misplaced power.

‘But, alas they are all but shadows of their former, true selves. I miss them. But, I cannot influence them.

‘I cannot balance us.

‘You need to do it for us.

‘Like you did with the Accountant, Binger and Fear… and how it brought out the repressed Hero again… and then your tendency to rescue came out in your life like old times and you were able to choose to harness hero energy/archetype differently this time. It was because you harnessed the other energies in a balanced way. I want that for Us now too.

‘I need you to please balance me with the Weaver Woman and the Hanged Man.

‘I am the Perpetrator towards both:

‘I oppress the beggar woman (the marginalized version of Weaver Woman).

‘I eradicate/oppress/control the Hanged Man (the Man trying to take care of his people, his family, his life).

‘I am the oppressor.

‘It’s an energy imbalance.

‘I don’t care what the cost is to me. I don’t want the Weavers or the Hanged Man’s energy like I have it. I don’t want their freedom. I don’t want their power. It’s useless to me. I can’t harness it, it’s dead energy in me: that is why it is black in me.

‘I want them to have their freedom. I want them free. Life/Existence is no fun without them.

‘They are wasting away while I am festering.

‘Please, I am just an archetype. I am a god, but I cannot change myself because I am subject to your conscious awareness, thoughts and beliefs.

‘Set me free… and free my brothers and sisters.”

“Wow, you entrust me with this? I sense what you mean, and I will do it. It feels like a daunting task, but I will serve you. I have no idea how I will accomplish this change in thought, belief and perception, but I suspect that in just hearing from you that the process has already been set in motion.”

“It has.”

“Okay, this requires me to speak with the others then.”

“Of course it does.”

He was gone from her awareness. She took a moment and again, focused towards her higher self to keep the connection going. She sensed a little smile from them which made her smile and then she said “Who wants to speak to me next? I am open and willing and honestly tired. I feel resistance to doing this and want to stop and sleep, but I am choosing to stay here and hear from you.”

“Hi granddaughter.” It was the Weaver Woman.

“Weaver Woman! What the Devil said makes so much sense to me. How can I help him, you and the Hanged Man?”

“Child, I am not here to talk to you about that. That will figure itself out in the end. I am here to just be by you. As a mother is there for her child. You ought not try to deliberate our energies back. That will not work. The collective will do it just fine. Your only part is to open your eyes and to see us all, individually and collectively. See me in me and see me in others. See the Devil in the Devil, but also see the Devil in ME, and in you and in the Hanged Man and in every single other thing in the world. We Archetypes are energy, and we are each delineated, but we are also irrevocably connected. Intertwined. I am as much the Devil as the Devil is the Devil. I just drive/operate differently, therefore I am sensed as the Weaver Woman. But, I have all the energies of the universe within me. As do you. And that includes the Devil and Hanged Man’s archetypal energy.

‘So, it is for you to SEE all the energies of the universe within you. Not one persecuting another, but as all being all there. Together. Some energies stronger than others in some things and likewise other energies stronger in others. It is hard to convey this only in words, but I know you sense my meaning.

‘That is all that I have for you my dear. See me, see the Devil, see the Hanged Man IN YOU. See them in your dog! See them in others. By seeing them ALL, this will automatically, by default, naturally allow them to become balanced in Time.

‘The Devil is not asking something impossible of you. He is giving you the utmost respect and honoring you by sharing this information with you in such a way that you can get it. By the Devil asking this of you, he gave up/denounced his extra ‘powers’ and now you see him differently. You see him as he is. A god. And now you see me as I am… another god. A small ‘g’ god, indicating that we are archetypes, or idols, or symbols or energetic representatives of an energy stamp. We are much. We are very much. We are not small, but we are not Man and we are not God… We are one piece of Man, one piece of the All, one piece of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THAT IS. Do you see that? We are how God and Goddess build. We are the energies that He uses to create with. We are brick and mortar to the Real. Do you see?”

“I do, I completely see that. And it’s incredible. I feel so honored to be shown this. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

The Weaver Woman smiled a knowing smile with a twinkle in her shining self as she withdrew from her conscious awareness. She focused again towards her higher self who, as ever was present with in a warm, comfortable silence.

She thought about the Hanged Man, “Would you like to speak, too, sir?”

“I would. I am not so kind like the Weaver Woman, nor am I so ignorant as the Devil. My archetype will not change so easily.

‘I am Man on the precipice of Death for perpetuity. In order to get what the Devil requests, I must be changed. Before the Devil had his day, I was different. I was not hanged. I lived to great old age. I LIVED. My life was not cut short by petty pain. And that IS what cuts my life short.


‘All pain is petty. No matter what it is. IT IS PETTY.

‘It is one person being hurt and KEEPING IT. Holding onto it. Valuing it more than life itself.

‘As long as pain is valued, I exist this way. I am the byproduct of valuing pain. Pain begets pain. Pained people feel entitled to hurt others because they are in pain and then they hurt others causing more pain resulting in more entitled people causing further pain.

‘As long as pain continues to be acted upon NOTHING can change for me.

‘I do not blame the devil. He was once my peer, and I know he misses me. The real me. The strong, living me. And I miss him too.

‘Only he could have begun this process (of facilitating change). But I myself am resigned. I will not be transmuted back to my beautiful, former energy/essence/balanced self until the collective consciousness learns that pain is irrelevant, infantile, useless and not even real.

‘It is infantile.

‘A perceived slight creates pain and the pain grows when focused on. It doesn’t take much focus to grow pain. It is insanity.

‘I have nothing further to say.

‘I am not unhappy in my current existence. There is wisdom here. There is growth. I am not waiting on bated breath for change, though. I am satisfied.”

“Can I do anything for you?”

“No. Your presence and your concern and your attention were enough. You have a large task at hand now. You now know that all pain is petty. This change in perception around pain is a large enough task for anyone. Be well.” And he silently left her awareness. She felt a sadness towards him, she also felt an urgency from within herself to straighten her life out and to stop perpetuating any of her pain. To see her slights differently. To see her mistreatment’s in a different light. She did not want to contribute any further to the energy of the Hanged Man… the energy that was the ultimate consequence of feeling slighted. Persecution. He was the result of persecution and retribution. He was such a gentle, soft, sad energy. Not an ounce of malice to him, just resigned sadness and razor sharp clarity.

She looked to her higher self again and felt a gentle squeeze to her hand. They smiled together and she thanked her higher self for accompanying her here. She felt her higher self kiss her forehead and then sensed her higher self leave.

Her awareness came back to where she was, sitting at her desk with her computer and pad of paper. The sky was still white and it was still raining, but somehow it was no longer dreary and she no longer felt the same. She felt like there was some beauty in this day that she could not see before.

She exhaled, saved her work and then turned off the computer, closed her note book and got up to take her dog for a walk now that things seemed somehow different. She no longer felt sapped, but rather she felt somehow lifted.

– P.Trayla



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