One Man

One Man

He sat there,
In the blackness…

His body sunken down,
his legs splayed out in front of him,
his butt flat on the ground,
his back slouched into the dirty stone wall.
His head leaned forwards.

His body instinctively took a deep sigh of air
and as it passively left his body
he sunk deeper into the ground.

His mind slowly aware for a moment
that he was still here.

Nothing has changed.

Nothing is different.

Everything is exactly the same.

Blackness with some blacker solid shapes.
He knew from the past
that those were large stones and boulders that jutted out of the dirt and stone wall.

There was one spot in this place
where a small amount of light came in.
It was way above his head,
it was way up on the wall that he rested his back into right now.
The amount of light let in was dismal,
but sometimes more light than usual would enter and he could see the details of cavern that he was locked inside of.

His body took another sigh of air in
and he lifted up his head,
then the air left him again and he lowered his head back down.


He could not remember who he was.

He could not remember where he came from.

He couldn’t imagine ever being anywhere else.