No More “I” Troubles

There once was a girl named Trayla who used to feel inferior to the rest of the world.

Then, one day she learned she had been wrong about that.

It took a lifetime of collected experiences to make her feel inferior, and then it took one moment to realize that the problem was how she perceived the world.

One day, she suddenly saw overwhelming evidence that she had very much so actually been truly loved and seen all along.

She had an experience in her toddler years that made her feel broken and the experience tainted her perception ever since.

She had never learned how to see beyond the pain of that experience all these years. The way that she knew how to tell if she was loved had changed in that moment and she didn’t know how to experience the evidence that she was still loved any more. Even though the evidence was right there around her constantly, she could not see it. Her perception of being loved had been broken.

Until one day, she healed that experience she had in her toddler years, then suddenly, her eyes and her heart could see.

No one had ever failed her.

She experienced a life change. The experience blindsided her little toddler self and the shock of it tripped her up. She was never taught how to handle the shock. Until this day when she was able to heal it.

Gratitude filled her heart that she could now see it all.

Warmth filled her heart for her little toddler’s experience and her toddler’s inability to cope with the change in her world.

Understanding filled her heart towards her parents and towards her brother.

Warmth filled her heart when she now recalled her childhood and adulthood because now she could see so much love in her life. Her parents loved her and cherished her and saw her.

Trayla used to feel inferior.

Now, Trayla feels loved, seen and very much wanted around.

Now, Trayla feels safe and held in the world again, like she used to feel back when she was an only child.

The end.


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