The Trayla Chronicles: Prologue


Trayla was sleeping deeply in her comfortable bed when she was suddenly woken up by a vision of a baby unicorn. It was blush pink with a tiny little horn on it’s forehead.

In her vision it was looking right at her, right into her eyes. She felt like it was calling to her. The realness of it woke her up. In her bed she opened her eyes. It was dark, still the middle of the night. While still lying down she looked over to the window and saw the stars twinkling in the sky. Then she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.

The next time she woke up her room was filled with daylight. She looked out the window to see that the sky was bright blue, spotted with small puffs of white clouds and the sun was well up in the sky.

Trayla climbed out of bed, got dressed then bounded down the stairs to the kitchen where her mother was. She bounced over to the table and took a seat. She looked at her mom. Her mom was so beautiful and kind. When her mother looked at her, Trayla felt warmed by her mother’s gaze. Her mother had explained to her before that the warmth Trayla felt was her mother’s love she felt for her.

Trayla picked up an apple from the dish in the center of the table, took a bite, then started to tell her mother that she had a vision that night.

Her mother looked over at her and her eyes were sparkling. “Really?” She said excitedly, “can you tell me about it?”

Trayla finished chewing her bite then told her mother that a pink unicorn, the color of blush, appeared to her and it looked right at her and without using words seemed to be calling her.

Her mother gushed “Oh Trayla, that’s wonderful!! You’ve had a calling!“ She stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and came over to Trayla. She took a seat next to her at the table and continued “There’s a new born unicorn! And it has connected with you!
“Unicorns are very rare and they live for hundreds, sometimes, even a thousand, years! They rarely have newborns! The last time that I know of there being a baby was almost three hundred years ago!
“One thing about the unicorn is that they have a special relationship with children. They love children with hearts of gold and when they find one, they call to them to connect with them!
“This is an incredibly big deal!“
“So am I going to go to meet it?”
“Oh, yes! You two are connected, so the connection will cause your lives to cross.
“I have no idea how it will happen, but things have been set into motion. Nothing can stop the attraction now.
“Oh, I am so excited for you Trayla!”
“What do I do now then?”
“I have no idea… but that is the way of all serious journeys of the heart, they unfold exactly as we need them to. You will know what you need to know when it’s time to know it.
“But, for right now, I want to give you this:”
Her mother unclasped the emerald necklace that she always wore around her neck. Trayla watched in awe as her mother put it around her neck and fastened the clasp. She picked up the emerald in the palm of her hand and looked down at it. She had always been mesmerized by this penchant. She wrapped her hand around it, then let it go softly, letting it hang down on her chest.
She looked at her mom. “This feels so serious. And scary.”
“It is serious, but it is also exciting! I am so excited and happy for you that this is where life is leading you.” She looked at her daughter for a moment with a smile, then “okay, time to eat our breakfast.”


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