Trayla’s Journey Part 1

Trayla woke up to the sound of birds, it sounded like three separate birds were singing their own separate song and the combination sounded like a cacophony. Three different tempos, three different beats, three completely different sounds, all singing loud and proud.
After a moment of mild disorientation, she smiled. As she wakened up, she found their originally unpleasantly chaotic singing to actually be rather charming and cute.
She rolled over onto her side, looked over the tall grass billowing in the breeze, took in a deep breath of fresh air and then moved to get up.
She felt refreshed.
After a long journey on foot, she had become tired and this field felt so warm and inviting that she laid under the open sky watching the clouds pass until she had drifted off into a restful slumber.
She felt a tickle on her arm.
She looked down and saw a little ant crawling along on the inside of her arm near her elbow. She smiled and said hello, left it be to wander along on it’s own little journey and then started back walking. She felt content. Her nap made the long journey feel less daunting. She thought if she could just nap when she felt tired, and walk when she felt ready, that her long journey hopefully wouldn’t be too much of a struggle.
She looked into the distance. She saw the toothy jagged mountains way off, so far away that they looked almost ethereal. She imagined going through those mountains would be a struggle no matter what pace she kept. She felt a little worried about that part of the journey and she felt relieved to be where she was now. Here she knew the land. Here she felt comfortable and at home. She was far from home, but here she at least new this type of landscape. She knew how to take care of herself in this terrain. She knew how to find food in this setting.
She exhaled. No sense in worrying about the future, she thought to herself.
She continued to walk along through the field, almost to the other end by now. She was almost to the forest.
The sun was warm, the breeze was soft, the air was comfortable, the temperature was just right. The mosquitoes were few. She was very fortunate.


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