The Ghost Peter’s Story

There was a man named Peter. He was a handsome man. Smooth talker. He got what he wanted with everyone. It was easy for him.
But he wasn’t happy.
He didn’t understand what happiness was because he had never experienced anything other than getting what he wanted.
It took him his entire life.
Then, he died. And it was after death that he was able to finally see that the problem was that he always got what he wanted.
The problem was: he wanted the wrong thing. No one could have told him this while he was still living, but after his death he could see with painful clarity that his wants were lazy. And that is why they never produced happiness.
He wanted the easiest thing. The flashiest thing.
But there was no substance to the flashy things he wanted.
Looking back on his life, he looks longingly at the things that had passed him by because of his laziness to recognize their value.
His happiness in his lifetime would have made his passing more fulfilling.
His empty life made his ghost empty.




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