Hate. A Rant and Rave. Not a story. A Confession.

Hate. I am beginning to genuinely hate people. All of them. My pain is corroding me. Corrupting me. They are all so blind and stupid and ignorant. They ignore obvious signs of distress in favor of their own melodrama. I cannot take this. I cannot take this shit. It is killing me. I am already … Continue reading Hate. A Rant and Rave. Not a story. A Confession.


The Goddesses Curse.

I am occupied by The Goddess Athena. Goddess of War and Strategy. My Curse is that I See the good in man... that they themselves deny having. As a result: They always reject my love and adoration because they can't see what I see, so they do not believe in me. The worst part is: … Continue reading The Goddesses Curse.

One Man

One Man He sat there, In the blackness… His body sunken down, his legs splayed out in front of him, his butt flat on the ground, his back slouched into the dirty stone wall. His head leaned forwards. His body instinctively took a deep sigh of air and as it passively left his body he … Continue reading One Man